Value Stocks Episode 12 – NACCO Industries Inc

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  • Capital light resource related stock.
  • Production and earnings have held up despite industry headwinds.
  • Prudent capital allocation could provide investors a healthy return.

In this episode, Alex discusses NACCO Industries Inc (NYSE: NC).  NACCO is a company that would typically be considered to be a part of the mining industry and more specifically the mining of coal and lime rock. In total NC operates in 10 surface coal mines and 17 limestone quarries, having delivered more than 37 million tons of coal and 30 million cubic yards of limestone in 2017.  The stock price has reached as low as $28 in the past 52 weeks and a high of $41.  Alex currently holds a 5% position in NC and rates it a 9 out of 10.  We hope you enjoy the episode.




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